About us

Years of experience, satisfied clients, ISO certifications and recognition from independent entities such as the CSA position us as one of the most outstanding companies in the translation industry in Southern Europe.

Mission, vision, and values

Our clients’ needs become our needs and we contribute to the development of their local markets.

Treeloc is a Barcelona-based technical translation company with more than 15 years of experience, specialised in technology, engineering and medicine.

Although we now have a staff of over 40 employees and a network of more than 1,000 freelancers, it all began with three founding partners: Mariona Arau, Elisabet Espelt and Raül Martí. We were all translation-sector professionals with nearly 70 years of combined experience at companies like IBM, SAP and Microsoft. We still manage the company’s daily operations, and if you have any questions about us, be delighted to answer you personally.

Our translations are done by translators from across the globe who we ensure have the proper training, are native speakers in the language into which they translate and have proven experience in their fields of expertise.

Treeloc opened its doors on 2 May 2002, another time of crisis following the terrorist attacks of 9-11. Indeed, it was not the best time to launch a new business, but it ended up raining that day and we spent it setting up computers in a 70 square metre office on Paseo de Sant Joan in Barcelona. Things were much different back then, and we owners had to do everything ourselves. It was not until a year and a half later that we hired our first employee. Rafa is still with us today in our language department.

It has rained often since then, and our team and customer portfolio have both grown. As we have gotten bigger, we have looked for larger spaces to set up new departments. After having sized out of three different offices, we are now located on the main floor of Casa Francesc Carreras, a complex of three modernist buildings designed by the architect Antoni Millàs i Figuerola. It is a large office, with 450 square metres, and very well equipped. Technologically, in a few years we have gone from having a modem connected to our first Dell server to the fibre-optic connection we now enjoy. And our staff? Many people have come through treeloc and continue to do so, on many different projects, and every one of them has left their mark. They have made us who we are.

We translate your documentation, software, or marketing materials efficiently and localize them to contribute to the sale of your products and the achievement of your sales targets in said markets. Looking to the future, our goal is to continue to grow in the sector: we want to increase our portfolio of direct clients and stand out for the quality of our translations. Innovation always goes hand in hand with growth and this is why we are committed to improving our range of services with new services like transcreation.

Our business values lead us to work to high quality standards. Teamwork and team thinking, in addition to open, honest communication, have allowed us to create a close-knit team. All of this, together with the fulfillment of commitments and a high degree of technical autonomy, mean that our work prioritizes the client and is clearly results-orientated.

The Treeloc team

Our team is multidisciplinary, which means that we are capable of taking on any kind of project.

We have 45 in-house professionals with degrees in the field of translation and interpretation and a network of over 1000 external collaborators. Additionally, thanks to the diversity provided by our personnel, we have a pluralist vision that includes different approaches to the translation process and we can easily adapt your content to each cultural context.

In terms of organization, our internal team is divided into three main areas, each led by one of our three directors:
– Admin & Vendor: administration and resource teams
– Operations: project managers, linguists, and localization engineers
– New Business Development: IT and sales teams

Working environment

We value the satisfaction of our employees and work to offer them the best conditions.

We’re committed to work-life balance, which is why we offer our personnel various facilities, such as flexible hours or the option to work from home. To support this flexibility, we have a VPN connection server thanks to which our in-house team can leave the office when they need to and come back to their work later; this same infrastructure allows our external team to use our internal tools.

Our 500-square meter office is located in a modernist building. Additionally, we have a large terrace and a kitchen so our team can enjoy natural light and use the kitchen facilities during their break times. We consider it essential to offer our workers a pleasant work space so they feel as comfortable as possible.

Each work station also benefits from its own, large space, as well as having a large, high-resolution monitor that allows employees to avoid issues like visual fatigue, as computers are their main work tool.