Adapted to each industry


Specialist teams in different industries to offer you all the knowledge and know-how of the category.

Medical devices

Your company creates high-tech medical equipment, taking care of every last detail of the descriptions and instructions for using the devices. Now you need the translations into other languages to be just as perfect. Treeloc can you help with that.

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The time has come to export that flawless piece of software you've developed. At Treeloc we help you to localize it so that each user feels like your product was tailor-made for them.

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Public works, trains, trams, architecture, etc. We're with you from start to finish. We know that deadlines are tight and that your team need to focus on what's really important.

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Banks and large corporations handle very technical and highly confidential financial documents. In a translation, there is no room for error. Leave it to Treeloc. We have years of experience under our belts.

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Social networks

A daily tweet, a post on Facebook, or an entry in your company's blog: you can count on us to bring traffic to your website. We have extensive experience translating and successfully adapting all types of publication to different markets.

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SAP have been trusting us to localize their software and translate their documentation for more than 15 years. Place your trust in us: we can help you with any process your company needs to carry out in relation to this system.

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We have been working with the vast majority of the world's Multilanguage Vendors for 18 years, so you can place your full trust in us for any task in relation to Spanish, Catalan, Galician, or Basque.

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