How can I be sure my documents are in good hands?

All our customers ask this when they contact us for the first time. They don’t have enough information about our company, apart from what we’ve been able to tell them or what they’ve been able to find on our website or through other customers. We all know that behind some well-designed websites there can often be little substance. So that’s where certifications from organisations of renowned prestige play an important role.

At Treeloc we can ensure that our customers’ documents, software and audiovisual materials are in good hands. That’s because we undergo comprehensive audits each year from one of the country’s most exacting certification bodies: Bureau Veritas. This serves as a guarantee that we are following the correct processes to keep our customers’ materials safe. It also accredits the professionalism of our management and that the translation team is sufficiently qualified to provide professional and commercial translations. The audits also confirm that our control and quality management are optimal, and that all communications — from pricing to delivery— are structured and clear. Most importantly, they ensure that when an incident arises there is a process for getting to the root of the problem and taking the necessary steps to fix it right away and prevent it from happening again.

Our auditors pay particular attention to ensuring our processes and routines are well defined and complied with. Their work guarantees that everything we propose in our quotes and in our communications with customers is reliable and carried through to completion. And there’s evidence to prove it.
All this is what guarantees your documents are in good hands, the best possible hands.

Below is more information about the standards we adhere to:

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 requires organisations to define and adopt an appropriate and effective quality management system. It also obliges them to identify areas of improvement and take the necessary measures to optimise them.

ISO 17100

ISO 17100 establishes the requirements for providing quality translation services. It places a particular focus on the information provided by customers in the pre-production phase, how the service is provided, and the resources used. At Treeloc we follow a protocol (among many others) that ensures native translators in the target language, who have a degree in translation and are specialised in the subject area of the project in question. We also provide twice the security by having a second person with the same characteristics review the text translated by the first person, and evaluate it.

ISO 18587

Treeloc was the first Spanish company to obtain the ISO 18587. This standard describes how to manage post-editing processes when requested by customers and what type of resources must be used. 

We are SAP Language Service partners. That means SAP also audits us to maintain this status, ensuring we are experts in translating material from the SAP universe, and that we have the right processes, knowledge and personnel to do so.

Finally, we are suppliers of the Achilles-Repro Platform, which ensures that we meet all our fiscal and labour obligations every quarter, and that we are up to date on paying all our taxes and social contributions. The platform then provides the data obtained to its associated companies.