Tailored translation for engineering projects

We are the partner you are looking for to help you develop each stage of your engineering project with agility and success.

We create glossaries and style guides to ensure the coherence and uniformity of your documentation.

Why choose Treeloc?

Projects that involve engineering material generally have various points at which translation services may be required. We work closely with our clients to guarantee fast, quality, consistent translation when needed.

Speed and competitiveness

During tenders, we work alongside our clients to provide the post-editing of machine translation allowing a text to be understood for an initial decision. If the decision is negative, the investment has been minimum; if it is positive, we go on to provide an accurate translation.

Your partner for tenders

We are aware of the time constraints of tenders and we are prepared. We work together with the client to optimize the number of resources: now not only will accuracy be important but also the quality and consistency of the translation.

Consistency and uniformity

A regular team of translators will ensure the provision of all the project documentation to the satisfaction of the local authorities, guaranteeing consistency, ongoing learning, and a uniform style. We often create glossaries and style guides.

Key points of the service

A speedy service, provided by native experts in each target language and 100% adapted to the needs of the client.

  • A large number of specialized resources who are native in each target language
  • Machine translation and computer-aided translation tools
  • Extensive knowledge of the Engineering industry
  • Flexible management
  • Compliance with the standards ISO 9001 and 17100
  • Specialized project manager
  • Understanding of the different phases of the projects to adapt the teams accordingly
  • Confidentiality

Examples of engineering translations

Confidentiality is one of our fundamental values, which is why in the following examples, which are real and recent, you won’t find the names of the clients we were working for.

Railway rolling stock manufacturing company: over the last 15 years, we have translated multiple bids, procedure documentation, material from other suppliers, and documentation on the trains themselves in over 20 different language combinations. Generally under great pressure in terms of turnover times and always meeting deadlines.

Auxiliary automotive company, supplier of electronic components for some of the large vehicle brands: translation of the manufacturer’s requirements and, subsequently, translation of the documentation for the items manufactured. Generally from German and English to Spanish and vice versa.

A leading Group in sustainable infrastructure solutions and renewable energy projects all over the world: translation of manuals, protocols, and other documentation of a technical nature to Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Armenian. We always deliver by or even before the established deadline.


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At Treeloc we only use native translators and revisers with a degree in translation to take care of the translations we receive. Additionally, we have consolidated specialized teams in each of the corresponding areas of knowledge and have resources with experience clearly focused in the field of engineering.

We translate all types of documentation, from catalogs to instructions, manuals, licenses, and protocols, in addition to designs and project reports. We are accustomed to the speed and requirements of the tender processes our clients participate in and always deliver the translated documentation on time.

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