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Reliable, localized translations for your medical devices

We are the specialists you have been looking for to ensure that you get medical translation services that meet your quality, reliability, and speed requirements. We ensure that your documentation is ready for accreditation by authorities such as the FDA.

Why choose Treeloc?

Your devices are in the country’s largest hospitals and you’re known for quality, innovation, and reliability. You want to establish a working relationship with a company that will help you with the translation and localization of your medical devices. At Treeloc we can help you!

Proven quality

Now that you are about to enter other markets, you are extremely concerned that the medical translations of your devices will not be up to standard. You need quality.

Documentation in order

You want all the documentation in relation to your approvals from authorities like the FDA to be perfect; you need to reach each market in time without the documentation holding you back.

Certified experts

You’re looking for a solvent translation company, with a good track record in the sector and certified quality processes. A company that can keep up with your updates and learn from your subsidiaries’ feedback.

Key points of the service

A speedy service, provided by native experts in each target language and 100% adapted to the needs of the client.

  • Expert translators in the medical device industry
  • The capacity to provide the authorities with details of who has done the translations and revisions
  • Verification of quality processes by audit companies
  • Native translators in the target language
  • Use of translation tools that facilitate the implementation of feedback and reuse
  • Project manager with knowledge of the industry and experience in the management of medical device translation projects
  • Capacity for multilingual management
  • Able to respond fast at times of heavy workload, such as during FDA audits
  • Confidentiality
  • Subject Matter Experts available should a specialized revision be necessary

Examples of medical translation

Confidentiality is one of our fundamental values, which is why in the following examples, which are real and recent, you won’t find the names of the clients we were working for.

A world leader in devices for the handling and classification of blood: we have been managing the translation of all their documentation to over 18 languages for over 10 years.

A leading company in equipment for diagnostic imaging: management of the Spanish versions of the documentation for their devices.

A multinational company that manufactures small medical devices (tensiometers, thermometers, etc.): translation of their user documentation into Spanish.


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We translate all types of material such as pamphlets, manuals, instructions, quality reports, and patents.

Translating documentation related to the medical industry requires not only specific translation training but also a solid knowledge base in terms of the terminology used in the health care field. That’s why we have a team of specialists in this area, in addition to revisers who allow us to guarantee the adaptation of the message of this type of translation to the audience it needs to reach.

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