You have created an innovative piece of software. It will have global reach. Users will love it and it will simplify their lives, but only if the application speaks the same language as the user and works as if it had been created 10 km away. We localize your software and adapt it to the language and culture of a given country.

Specialized native resources

Beyond translation: we adapt your texts to the target culture

The word localization is sometimes confused with the idea of locating something, particularly in Spanish where the two terms are one and the same word, and requires an explanation as to its meaning in the context of translation.

We say that a piece of software, website, or documentation is “localized” when it has been adapted to a specific culture, i.e. not only the language of the target audience but also all the social and cultural aspects of the local environment have been taken into account.

In this way, a piece of software for human resources created in the United States but localized for Spain, in addition to being in Spanish and most likely in the other official languages of Spain, will take into account Spanish labor legislation and its particular features, date formats, currency, number formats, etc. In short, at the end of the localization process, it ought to seem as if the software was created in Spain, by and for Spanish companies. When this is the case, the product has been successfully localized.

Key points of the service

A speedy service, provided by native experts in each target language and 100% adapted to the needs of the client.

  • Localization carried out by native resources with experience in this area
  • Knowledge of the particular features of the specific industry in relation to the original
  • Revision carried out by native resources with certified localization experience
  • Complete traceability
  • Use of tools allowing assisted localization
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certification
  • Project confidentiality
  • Allocation of a project manager to discuss the particular requirements of the localization project


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When we talk about “localization”, we’re talking about the specialized translation of software products and applications whereby we adapt the content to the cultural references of the target market. In the case of localization, we pay special attention to the cultural context of the target audience the translation is aimed at. In contrast, translation is a process more focused on obtaining equivalent texts in terms of the meaning, tone, and style followed in other languages.

Localization is the process whereby a product is adapted to the language and culture of a specific country or market.

At Treeloc we carry out both technical and linguistic controls. On the one hand, our localization tasks go through a translator and a reviser who specialize in localization. All our resources have passed a specific aptitude test beforehand. At the same time, the project manager is in charge of ensuring compliance with the necessary quality controls. Once the localized text has been revised, an exhaustive technical control is carried out, consisting of functional testing of the software. This phase includes tasks such as testing the software, where the localization project involves this type of material. These tests may be both linguistic and functional.

Not necessarily. For localization tasks, we use teams of translators who specialize in localization. These are translators with technical experience and who are specialized in a specific market. These resources have a good command of the specifications of the software that needs to be translated, and are also very familiar with the markets for which a product is to be localized and its cultural and idiomatic subtleties. Our localization teams make your product seem like it was originally created for the target market.

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