Do you need to translate your documentation into another language? Whether it’s the user manual for your new product, the specifications for a tender, or a contract, we can help you. Your documentation, translated on time and with complete accuracy.

Speed and consistency

The best team to ensure the quality and speediness of your translations

We may all know what a translation is, but turning a source text into a quality translated text in which the meaning and style match the original within a reasonable period of time is no mean feat. To carry out the process correctly, you need a team comprising professional translators and project managers, in addition to the most appropriate tools.

At Treeloc, we have qualified teams of translators and revisers for translation to most languages and we have assisted translation tools that contribute to guaranteeing consistency, as well as the agreed deadline and price. We also have a technical department ready to resolve any incident that might arise with a document, regardless of the format, and a department of project managers who ensure that each translation project adheres to the agreed parameters.

Key points of the service

A speedy service, provided by native experts in each target language and 100% adapted to the needs of the client.

  • Translation carried out by professional native translators who specialize in the subject matter
  • Text revised by a different person to guarantee quality
  • Assessment of the translation by the reviser
  • Complete traceability
  • Cost transparency
  • Use of assisted translation tools to ensure consistency, reusability and the lowest possible costs
  • Absolute confidentiality
  • Direct, immediate contact with the account manager and project manager
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certifications


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“To translate” means to express a source text written in one language in a different language, in such a way that the tone, style, and meaning of both texts are equivalent.

Our international team can offer practically any linguistic combination possible. Just tell us what you need!

When we receive a document, we enter it in our database and assign it to a project manager, or PM. This PM controls and manages the delivery date, budget, and execution of the task. They also organize the team of linguists who will carry out the translation and revision process. In cases in which the original files require prior technical processing, we contact our engineering department so they can prepare the documents in the most suitable way.

Once the translation work is complete, we send the document to our specialist reviser in the project who has been designated to guarantee the consistency and quality. This reviser will be responsible for examining the document and certifying the quality of the translation. Our revisers are also responsible for assessing the translator who completed the translation, in addition to passing on comments through our standardized form.

Finally, once the quality of the translation has been certified, the document is sent to the engineering department to be prepared for delivery and adapted to the format the client needs. When everything is ready, the final document is sent to the client on the agreed date and in the agreed format.

The revision is carried out once the translation is complete and is essential to guarantee quality. In order to maintain the consistency of our translations, a reviser performs an exhaustive check of the translated documents and corrects any errors or inconsistencies. At the same time, the reviser guarantees that the style and tone the client wants to reflect in their original documentation has been maintained in the translated material.

You’ll receive the translation in the same format as the document you sent us (except in the case of a PDF, in which case you’ll receive a Word document in return) and the file will be ready for use. We accept most formats, so you don’t have to worry about converting the files.

Of course. We adapt ourselves perfectly to your requirements, taking into account the volume and length of the projects you entrust us with. We deliver all your documents when you need them because we know that having the translation by the agreed day and time is key for your company.

This is the process of transforming texts from one language to another, adapting the ideas and concepts and maintaining the original meaning of the translation so it sounds natural in the target market. The transcreation service requires a combination of translation, localization, and creativity.

The quality certifications we hold are as follows: we are SAP AG partners; we have ISO 9001 certification, which certifies our quality system as a company, and ISO 17100, which certifies the specific procedures used in translation companies. We have also recently obtained ISO 18587 certification, which documents the procedures used to carry out machine translation work and post-editing. We also form part of the Achiles Repro platform, which formally guarantees that we are a company with all our documentation in order. Additionally, the Spanish State recognizes our capacity to provide translation services worth any amount.

All our translators and revisers hold a degree in Translation and Interpreting, or have equivalent training in their country of origin. In order to preserve the quality of the documents, they only translate to their native language. Our system classifies them according to their specialist areas, so we can assign each translation to the most suitable team.

We do this by creating translation memories, which are independent databases for each client, where we store every sentence we translate so it can be reused when it comes up again. The client is the owner of their translation memory.

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